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History版 - 布达拉宫下面的Anunnaki
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两男一女,难道他们就是Enlil,Enki(伏羲) 和Ninhursag(女蜗)?
In the centre of the cavern was a shining black house—a house as if made of
polished ebony. Strange symbols ran along its sides, and diagrams like
those I had seen on the walls of the lake tunnel. We walked to the house and
entered the wide, high door. Inside were three black stone coffins,
curiously engraved and marked. There was no lid. I peered inside, and at the
sight of the contents caught my breath and felt suddenly faint.
“My son,” exclaimed the leading abbot, “look upon these. They were gods
in our land in the days before the mountains came. They walked our country
when seas washed our shores, and when different stars were in the sky. Look,
for none but Initiates have seen these.”
I looked again, fascinated and awed. Three gold figures, nude, lay before us
. Two male and one female. Every line, every mark faithfully reproduced by
the gold. But the size! The female was quite ten feet long as she lay, and
the larger of the two males was not under fifteen feet. Their heads were
large and somewhat conical at the top. The jaws were narrow, with a small,
thin-lipped mouth. The nose was long and thin, while the eyes were straight
and deeply recessed. No dead figures, these—they looked asleep. We moved
quietly and spoke softly as if afraid they would awaken. I saw a coffin-lid
to one side: on it was engraved a map of the heavens—but how very strange
the stars appeared. My studies in astrology had made me quite familiar with
the heavens at night: but this was very, very different.
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创世纪的进化 (ZT)
聖經神話的前身 (转载)
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女娲造人背后惊人的真相 人类的起源 [转载]
女娲造人背后惊人的真相 人类的起源 [转载] (转载)
聖經神話的前身 (转载)
女娲造人背后惊人的真相 人类的起源 [转载] (转载)
女娲造人背后惊人的真相 人类的起源 [转载] (转载)
话题: were话题: my话题: engraved话题: heavens话题: house